The following three documents highlight the evolution of the Parish Endowment By-Laws.  The first document presents the by-Laws approved in 2015 by the Parish Assembly and ratified by the Metropolis of Boston in 2016.  The second document presents the By-Laws approved by the Parish Assembly in 2017.  The third document presents the proposed revisions in lieu of our experience with parish life and market variations.  

The Parish Assembly will be voting on the third document.

The goal of the proposed revisions is to have Endowment By-Laws that are practical and supportive of parish ministries in the years to come.  It is an important step as we look ahead to how our ministries can benefit from the generosity of the Fund.

2016 Parish Endowment By Laws 

2017 Parish Endowment By Laws 

2023 Proposed Endowment By-Laws